TX12: Materials, Structures, Mechanical systems, and Manufacturing

Taxonomy Category Summary

This taxonomy category is divided into five areas: materials, structures, mechanical systems, manufacturing, and structural dynamics. Materials covers synthesized and tailored materials that have multiple functions specific missions need. This area focuses on lightweight structural materials (e.g. nanofibers/fibers, novel low density metals, composite alloys, self-healing materials, etc.), materials that predict life, tailor or improve properties and guide experimental validation, flexible material systems, materials for extreme environments, materials for electrical power generation, energy storage, power distribution and electrical machines, special materials (adhesive, nanofilters, optically transparent), and smart materials (piezoelectrics, shape memory alloys). Structures cover lightweight, robust, multifunctional, smart structures that are reliable and predictable. This area includes technology for lightweight concepts, design and certification methods, reliable and sustainable structures, tests, tools and methods (e.g. integrated flight test data identification model), and innovative, multifunctional concepts for structures. Mechanical systems improve life and reliability of mechanisms to extend mission life: deployables, docking and interfaces, electro mechanisms, mechanical, and micromechanisms (e.g. robotic tools, fluid transfer and refueling), design and analysis tools and methods, reliability, life assessment, and health monitoring for vehicles or mechanical systems, certification methods, mechanical drive and mechanical life extension systems, and docking and berthing mechanisms and fixtures. Manufacturing covers innovative physical manufacturing processes and their integration. It focuses on manufacturing processes, intelligent integrated manufacturing, electronics and optics manufacturing processes, sustainable manufacturing, nondestructive evaluation and sensors, and repurpose processes. Structural dynamics is a specialty branch of structural and mechanical engineering that deals with determination of the vibration response of a structure subjected to dynamic (time varying) forces in its operational environment. This area covers loads and vibrations, vibroacoustics, shock and impact, and operational model analysis for large space flight hardware structure systems and multidimensional test techniques.

Research Affiliates

Below are our faculty affiliates whose research fall under this taxonomy category.

Douglas Natelson TX08
Ming Yi
Jason Hafner TX08
Jim Tour TX03, TX06, TX08
Matteo Pasquali TX06, TX14
Christy Landes TX11
Lisa Biswal TX03, TX08
Naomi Halas TX05, TX08
Alberto Pimpinelli
Gururaj Naik TX03, TX08
Pulickel Ajayan TX03, TX08
Jun Lou TX03
Michael Wong TX01, TX06
Pedro Alvarez TX06
Stephan Link TX03, TX06
Jane Grande-Allen TX06
Paul Cherukuri TX06, TX08
Fathi Ghorbel TX04, TX10, TX17
Tomasz Tkaczyk TX08
Matthew Brake TX13
Angela Wilkins (Ken Kennedy Institute) TX03, TX04, TX06, TX07, TX08, TX10, TX11