TX08: Sensors and Instruments

Taxonomy Category Summary

This taxonomy category is divided into three areas: remote sensing instruments/sensors, observatories, and in-situ instruments/sensors. Remote sensing instruments/sensors covers components, sensors, and instruments sensitive to various environments, current types and energy types: detectors and focal planes, electronics, optical components, microwave, millimeter- and submillimeter-waves, passive laser tech, and cryogenic/thermal resistant systems. Observatories technologies are necessary to design, manufacture, test, and operate space telescopes and antennas that collect, concentrate, or transmit photons. This area includes mirror systems, structures and antennas, and distributed aperture. In-situ instruments and sensors include components, sensors, and instruments sensitive to fields and particles able to perform characterization of Earth and planetary atmospheres and space environment as well as vehicle and habitat monitoring. This area covers field (X-ray, electric, magnetic, etc.) and particle (neutral, ionic, plasma, etc.) detectors, atomic and molecular species assignment, sample handling, environment sensors, electromagnetic wave-based sensors, and extreme environment sensors.

Research Affiliates

Below are our faculty affiliates whose research fall under this taxonomy category.

Patricia Reiff TX06
Douglas Natelson TX12
Jason Hafner TX12
Kristen Siebach TX07
Laurence Yeung
Jim Tour TX03, TX06, TX12
Lisa Biswal TX03, TX12
Naomi Halas TX05, TX12
Gururaj Naik TX03, TX12
Pulickel Ajayan TX03, TX12
Rebecca Richards-Kortum TX06
Paul Cherukuri TX06, TX12
Leonardo Dueñas-Osorio TX02, TX11, TX16
Angela Wilkins (Ken Kennedy Institute) TX03, TX04, TX06, TX07, TX10, TX11, TX12
Chris Tunnell TX11
Tomasz Tkaczyk TX12