TX02: Flight Computing and Avionics

Taxonomy Category Summary

This taxonomy category is divided into three main areas: avionics component technologies, avionics systems and subsystems, and avionics tools, models, and analysis. Component technologies covers the electronic parts used in building avionics subsystems and focuses on development of electronic components resistant to radiation and other extreme environments, novel methods for electronic packaging, high performance processing, memory, and FPGAs, and wireless avionics. Systems and subsystems looks at the building blocks for vehicles and spacecraft that implement key functionality such as integrated avionics systems for managing the spacecraft, aircraft avionics, data management systems, vision and virtual/augmented reality related avionics systems, as well as the secure operation of avionics (encryption/decryption systems, secure hardware, etc.). Finally, the last area focuses on tools, models, analyses, databases, design techniques, and processes for avionics. This includes focuses such as advanced digital design tools (for ex: automated hardware development), space radiation analysis and modeling, reliability modeling, and studying effects of electromagnetic environments on avionics.

Research Affiliates

Below are our faculty affiliates whose research fall under this taxonomy category.

Leonardo Dueñas-Osorio TX08, TX11, TX16
Ashutosh Sabharwal TX05, TX08, TX10
Anastasios Kyrillidis TX04, TX10, TX11, TX17
Moshe Vardi TX10, TX11