RSI Affiliates

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photo of Abbey
George Abbey

Senior Fellow in Space Policy

photo of Ajayan
Pulickel Ajayan

Benjamin M. and Mary Greenwood Anderson Professor of Engineering, Department Chair

photo of Alexander
David Alexander

Professor, Physics and Astronomy

photo of Allen
Genevera Allen

Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Associate Professor, Statistics, Associate Professor, Computer Science, Investigator, Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute, Baylor College of Medicine, Faculty Director, Rice D2K Lab

photo of G. Baraniuk
Richard G. Baraniuk

Victor E. Cameron Chair in Engineering, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Professor, Statistics, Professor, Computer Science

photo of Beckingham
Kathleen Beckingham

Professor of Biosciences

photo of Beier
Margaret Beier


photo of Bradshaw
Stephen Bradshaw

Professor of Physics & Astronomy

photo of Byrne
Michael Byrne

Professor, Psychological Sciences

photo of Arthur Chan
Anthony Arthur Chan

Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy

photo of Lee
Cin-Ty Lee

Professor, Department Chair- Earth, Environmental & Planetary Science

photo of DeLucia
Patricia DeLucia

Professor, Department of Psychological Sciences

photo of Leonardo
Leonardo Dueñas-Osorio

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

photo of  H. Ghorbel
Fathi H. Ghorbel

Professor, Bioengineering and Mechanical Engineering

photo of Grande-Allen
Jane Grande-Allen

Isabel C. Cameron Professor of Bioengineering, Chair, Department of Bioengineering

photo of J. Halas
Naomi J. Halas

Stanley C. Moore Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Professor, Biomedical Engineering, Professor, Chemistry, Professor, Physics and Astronomy, Director, Smalley-Curl Institute, Director, Laboratory for Nanophotonics

photo of Hartigan
Patrick Hartigan

Professor of Physics and Astronomy

photo of Hassanzadeh
Pedram Hassanzadeh

Assistant Professor

photo of Isella
Andrea Isella

Assistant Professor, Asst. Professor, Physics & Astronomy and EEPS

photo of E. Kavraki
Lydia E. Kavraki

Noah Harding Professor of Computer Science, Professor of Bioengineering, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Director, Ken Kennedy Institute

photo of Kyrillidis
Tasos Kyrillidis

Noah Harding Assistant Professor of Computer Science

photo of F. LANE
Neal F. Lane

Senior Fellow in Science and Technology Policy | Professor of Physics and Astronomy Emeritus

photo of Lenardic
Adrian Lenardic


photo of Liang
Edison Liang

Andrew Hayes Buchanan Professor of Astrophysics

photo of  MATTHEWS
Kirstin Matthews

Fellow in Science and Technology Policy

photo of Marcia
Marcia O'Malley

Stanley C. Moore Professor of Mechanical Engineering; Professor of Computer Science & ECE

photo of Reiff
Patricia Reiff

Professor, Physics and Astronomy

photo of Richards-Kortum
Rebecca Richards-Kortum

Malcolm Gillis University Professor, Professor of Bioengineering, Director, Rice 360° Institute for Global Health

photo of Sano
Akane Sano

William Marsh Rice Trustee Chair, Assistant Professor

photo of Sabharwal
Ashutosh Sabharwal

Department Chair, Professor, Founder, WARP

photo of Salas
Eduardo Salas

Professor and Allyn R. & Gladys M. Cline Chair, Department Chair

photo of Shamoo
Yousif Shamoo

Vice Provost for Research, Ralph and Dorothy Looney Professor of BioSciences

photo of Siebach
Kirsten Siebach

Assistant Professor

photo of Subramanian
Devika Subramanian

Professor of Computer Science, Professor of Electrical Engineering

photo of Tkaczyk
Tomasz Tkaczyk

Professor of Bioengineering, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

photo of Tofolletto
Frank Tofolletto

Professor, College Magister, Martel College

photo of Tunnell
Chris Tunnell

Assistant Professor, Physics and Astronomy, Computer Science

photo of Vardi
Moshe Vardi

Karen Ostrum George Distinguished Service Professor in Computational Engineering

photo of Wettergreen
Matthew Wettergreen

Associate Teaching Professor

photo of Laurence
Yeung Laurence

Assistant Professor

Picutre of ang chen
Ang Chen

Space infrastructure as a service Secure and trustworthy space infrastructure

Matthew Brake
Matthew Brake

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

James M. Tour
James M. Tour

T. T. and W. F. Chao Professor of Chemistry Professor of Materials Science & NanoEngineering

Matteo Pasquali
Matteo Pasquali

A.J. Hartsook Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Professor, Chemistry and Materials Science and Nanoengineering Director, Carbon Hub

Christy Landes
Christy Landes

Kenneth S. Pitzer-Schlumberger Chair Professor of Chemistry, Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Director, Center for Adapting Flaws into Features (CAFF)

Lisa Biswal
Lisa Biswal

Associate Dean for Faculty Development; William M. McCardell Professor in Chemical Engineering; Professor, Materials Science and NanoEngineering

Amy Dunham
Amy Dunham

Associate Professor of Biosciences

Jun Lou
Jun Lou

Professor, Materials Science and NanoEngineering Associate Department Chair

Michael Wong
Michael Wong

Chair, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering; Tina and Sunit Patel Professor in Molecular Nanotechnology; Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Chemistry, Materials Science and Nanotechnology, Civil Environmental Engineering

Pedro Alvarez
Pedro Alvarez

George R. Brown Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering; Director, NEWT Center; Member, NAE

Stephan Link
Stephan Link

Charles W. Duncan, Jr.-Welch Chair; Professor of Chemistry and Electrical & Computer Engineering

Alberto Pimpinelli
Alberto Pimpinelli

Associate Research Professor; Executive Director of the Smalley-Curl Institute

Gururaj Naik
Gururaj Naik

Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Paul Cherukuri
Paul Cherukuri

Executive Director, Institute of Biosciences and Bioengineering; Adjunct Professor, Management - Entrepreneurship

Patrick Rodi
Patrick Rodi

Professor in the Practice

Katherine B. Ensor
Katherine B. Ensor

Noah G. Harding Professor of Statistics; Director of CoFES

Erzsébet Merényi
Erzsébet Merényi

Research Professor

Angela Wilkins
Angela Wilkins

Executive Director, The Ken Kennedy Institute

Farès El-Dahdah
Farès El-Dahdah

Professor of Art History

Phil Kortum
Phil Kortum

Associate Professor; Chairman of the Undergraduate Committee

Chris Johns Krull
Chris Johns Krull

Professor; Chair for the On-Campus Observatory

Matthew Baring
Matthew Baring

Professor; Co-Chair for Graduate Admissions and Recruiting

Megan Reiter
Megan Reiter

Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy

Douglas Natelson
Douglas Natelson

Professor, Physics and Astronomy; Department Chair

Ming Yi
Ming Yi

Assistant Professor, Physics and Astronomy

Jason Hafner
Jason Hafner

Professor, Physics and Astronomy

Thomas Killian
Thomas Killian

Dean of the Wiess School of Natural Sciences; Professor, Physics and Astronomy

Photo of Junichiro Kono
Junichiro Kono

Karl F. Hasselmann Chair in Engineering and Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering Chair, Applied Physics and Professor, Physics & Astronomy Professor, Materials Science & NanoEngineering

Photo of Shengxi Huang
Shengxi Huang

Associate Professor , Electrical and Computer Engineering

Photo of Mustafa Amin
Mustafa Amin

Associate Professor, Physics and Astronomy