TX14: Thermal Management Systems

Taxonomy Category Summary

This taxonomy category is divided into three areas: cryogenic systems, thermal control components and systems, and thermal protection components and systems. Cryogenic systems include research, development, design, analysis, characterization, and testing of components through ground/flight evaluations and use of cryogenic fluids/temperatures for flights. This covers in-space propellant storage and utilization, launch vehicle propellant, thermal conditioning for sensors, instruments and high efficiency electric motors, ground testing and operations, and cryogenic analysis, safety and properties. Thermal control components and systems provide capability that enable a vehicle to maintain operational temperature limits: heat acquisition (cold plates and evaporation, freezer and refrigerator, etc.), heat transport (heat pipes, fans, etc.), heat rejection and storage (radiator), insulators and interfaces, thermal control analysis, heating systems, verification and validation of thermal management systems, and measurement and control of thermal systems (sensors, mechanical thermostats, etc.). Thermal protection components and systems is the set of thermal structural materials, integration techniques, and manufacturing methods that protect the entry system from the extreme heating and aerodynamic forces experienced by a spacecraft during hypersonic atmospheric transit. This covers different thermal protection: materials (tiles and blankets, foams, etc.), systems, analysis (e.g. aeroheating), systems testing, and system instrumentation (e.g. thermocouples, heat flux gauges).

Research Affiliates

Below are our faculty affiliates whose research fall under this taxonomy category.

Matteo Pasquali TX06, TX12
Patrick Rodi TX01, TX09, TX15