TX01: Propulsion Systems

Taxonomy Category Summary

This taxonomy category is divided into four main areas of propulsion systems: chemical space propulsion, electric space propulsion, aero propulsion, and advanced propulsion. Chemical propulsion focuses on different methods of propulsion where thrust is generated through chemical reactions (heat expanding propellant or fluid dynamic expansion) as well as other relevant details. Electric propulsion focuses on propulsion which makes use of the conversion of electrical energy to generate thrust (electrostatic fields, electromagnetic fields, electrothermal). Aero propulsion focuses on different propulsion systems designed to work in Earth’s atmosphere such as ramjet/scramjet technology or emission reduction. Advanced propulsion focuses on propulsion which does not use a propellant (solar sails, electromagnetic tethers, etc) as well as other breakthrough technologies which could be associated with propulsion, (nuclear, advanced physics propulsion). A common denominator across all of TX01 is the need for integrated systems that provide additional launch vehicle and in-space propulsion functions (mechanical and propulsive systems).

Research Affiliates

Below is our faculty affiliate whose research falls under this taxonomy category.

Patrick Rodi TX09, TX14, TX15
Michael Wong TX06, TX12