Advancing the Frontiers of Space Science - Laurie Leshin and Jon Morse

Space holds essentially limitless potential to address profound questions of our existence and push the limits of exploration and innovation. Space science continues to generate extraordinary breakthroughs, whether roving mars or discovering new worlds, while also helping to drive public interest in science through blockbuster movies and other pop culture. Unlike other areas of science such as medical research or ground-based astronomy, space-based science has to date been an entire government-funded endeavor. The BoldlyGo Institute seeks to usher in a new era of expanded space science activities by complementing government science activities with privately funded, world-class space science missions. These missions, including a mars round trip robotic mission and a Hubble class space telescope, would perform transformative science with ready-to-go technologies and new levels of student and public engagement. In this presentation, we will discuss BoldlyGo's pursuit of these "NewSpace Science" goals.