Houston Spaceport Lectures | 2012 and Earlier

2012 Space Frontier Lectures

The Boldest Mission to Mars Ever
November 1, 2012
Bobak Ferdowski & Ravi Prakash
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Lights, camera, blast-off! Making IMAX movies in space
October 23, 2012

Toni Myers
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Failure is Not an Option
September 12, 2012

Gene Kranz
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This lecture commemorated the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy’s “To the Moon” speech from Rice Stadium
Exit Strategy: Profit, Cosmology, and the Future of Humans in Space
March 22, 2012
David Valentine
Catching Shadows: Kepler’s Quest for New Worlds
February 16, 2012
Natalie Batalha.

2011 Space Frontier Lectures

Long Duration Space Flight – Preparing for and Living on the International Space
November 9, 2011 Station
Shannon Walker, PhD
Heavens Above: Space Exploration and the Religious Imagination
October 27, 2011
Jeff Kripal, Ph.D.
The Greatest Obstacle to the Human Space Program
September 14, 2011

Norman R. Augustine, M. S. E.
50 Years of Humans in Space: The Biological Impact
April 21, 2011

Bobby R. Alford, MD
Fast Missions to Mars and Beyond: Developing the VASIMR Engine
March 10, 2011

Franklin Chang Diaz, PhD

Space Weather: Shaping the Earth’s Space Environment
February 24, 2011

Louis J. Lanzerottti, PhD

The Adventure and Wonder of Space Research
January 20, 2011
Loren Acton, PhD