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Research Connections

Space Science and Astronomy

Laboratory for Space and Astrophysical Plasmas – POC: Frank Toffoletto               Website: LSAP

Space Plasma Physics – POC: Frank Toffoletto               Website: Space plasma physics 

Space Weather Prediction – POC: Patricia Reiff            Website: Space weather prediction

Utilizes the latest solar wind data and Rice-developed software to predict real-time space environmental conditions.

Solar Atmosphere Modeling and Solar Activity – POC: Stephen Bradshaw

Extrasolar Planets – POC: Chris Johns Krull                   Website: Astronomy @ Rice

High Energy Astrophysics – POC: Matthew Baring       Website: Astrophysics @Rice


Robotics: Haptic Interfaces and Mechanisms – POC: Marcie O’Malley      Website: MAHI Lab

Aviation Technologies – POC: Andrew Meade

Wireless Technologies – POC: Ashu Sabharwal

Battery Technologies – POC: Pulickel Ajayan


Advanced Materials – POC: Pulickel Ajayan

Earth Observing Technologies

Snapshot Hyperspectral Imaging – POC: Tomasz Tkakczyk


Bio-imaging – POC: Tomasz Tkakczyk

Scaleable Health – POC: Ashu Sabharwal

BioManufacturing – POC: Ramon Gonzalez


Human Systems Interaction – POC: Eduardo Salas

Space and Science Policy

Space Policy – POC: George Abbey

Science Policy – POC: Kirstin Matthews