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Film Festival: Event Details

Throughout the Ages, humanity has strived to understand the universe and our place within it.  While many discoveries in the field of astronomy precede the modern era, actual physical exploration is a more recent phenomenon, heavily relying on the technology that only became available in the mid 20th Century.  Today, the smartphones in our pockets possess more computing power than the Apollo 11 spaceflight.

To explore the social and cultural impact of the human spaceflight program, the RSI Film Festival will examine the perennially popular theme of life in the universe and the exploration of space through the media of film, visual arts and conversations with artists, scientists and engineers.

This inaugural RSI Film Festival features selected space movies and an engaging art competition.

The Festival will be held at the Rice Media Center and the event schedule is:

Friday April 25

Reception:  6pm    includes announcement an presentations of art competition;  Judges include Michele Sturtevant, George AbbeySusannah Mira,Luis Duno Gottberg

Movies:  7pm  Voyage de la Lune,  For All Mankind   [Voyage is 12 mins long]


George Abbey, Baker Botts Senior Fellow in Space Policy, Rice University Baker Institute, former Director of NASA Johnson Space Center
Frank Hughes, Vice President Tietronix Software, former Chief of Flight Training NASA Johnson Space Center
Brandon Nowalk, Film Critic

Saturday April 26

Start time:  being modified.  Currently listed as 5pm, aiming for 4pm.

Reception and panel:  6:30pm

Movies:    Apollo 13 (4:00pm),  Gravity   (7:30pm)

Eric Berger, Science Correspondent, Houston Chronicle
Jeannie Kranz, President and Founder, K6 Strategies Consulting, former Space Policy Advisor to Congressman Pete Olson
Bill Fischer, NASA engineer (Ret’d), worked on Apollo Lunar Module

Sunday April 27

Start time:  being modified.  Currently listed as 5pm, aiming for 4pm.

Panel:  6:15 pm

Movies:    Aliens (4:00pm),  War of the Worlds   (7:00pm)

Dr. Stephen Bradshaw, Astronomy Professor, Rice University
Dr. Chris Johns Krull, Astronomy Professor, Rice University
One other TBC