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Scientia: Thematic Program

Space Exploration and Human Imagination: Space Futures

Understanding: The impact of space exploration on our understanding of our place in the Universe

  • Our changing perceptions of humanity’s place in of the Universe [Mario Livio, STSCI]
  • Our developing understanding of the Earth from space [Cindy Evans, NASA JSC]
  • Our evolving humanity: from earth-dwelling to space-fairing [Jacques Arnaud, CNES]

New Space: Examining the cultural change in space exploration

  • The path to commercialization and NewSpace [Asif Siddiqi, Fordham]
  • Developing space resources [Leslie Gertsch, Missouri S&T]
  • The public participation: space tourism  [Emeline Paat-Dahlstrom, Singularity U, TBC]

Diaspora: Expanding human presence in space

  • Colonizing space: continuing the human adventure [Patrick McCray, UCSB]
  • Planetary Exploration: sustaining humanity beyond Earth [Laurie Leshin, Rensselaer]
  • Habitablity: creating a biosphere [James Kasting, Penn State]